Monday, February 2, 2009

Water Treadmill

Some may find this amusing. Some won't believe what this would do to your pets, but yes, this is specially designed for your pets that need therapy. This may help your pets to be able to walk again. Though it is entirely a case to case basis if your pet can ever walk again, i think you just have to ask about this with your veterinarian.

This technology is usually employed in countries that are able to afford this facility like Japan. Maybe in the near future, this will be present here in the Philippines. for now, we can still do with the swimming therapy, ultrasound therapy, guided/braced walking and accupunture.

With this Corgi's case, he wasn't able to regain motor function of his hindlimb so he has to be fitted with and use a pet wheelchair.

Way back in 2006, we had a case in the clinic here in the Philippines, a German Shepherd. he was fitted with a wheelchair and is roaming the owner's premises happily. He regained his motor functions though and was able to walk again on all fours.

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