Saturday, February 28, 2009


Goops was presented at the clinic due to swelling observed at the right side of the face (at about the area of the submandibular-parotid areas) just ventral to the ear to the ears. Previous history revealed bullying by other dogs.

Initial check-up revealed several scratches at the face but without deep wounds, with dark-brown, grainy otic discharge of minimal amount and an attached, firm swelling of the submandibular/parotid areas about 2 inches in diameter.
Ear swab revealed earmites.
Aspiration of the swelling revealed blood. Thus the swelling must be hematoma. The area was aspirated and the swelling subsided. Medications and compress were recommended.

A few days later, goops was again brought to the clinic due to the same problem, this time, bigger. Upon inquiry, the owner was not able to follow recommendations.

This time, drainage thru penrose drain, was placed and the area was bandaged, with Elizabethan collar placed to avoid scratching and removal of the bandages. Medications, wound cleaning and warm compress was again recommended for strict compliance.

A few days later, the owner reported back that the swelling already subsided without any complications and medications were given diligently.

By the way, this case earned us a family pizza from domino’s and a roasted chicken from andok’s… thanks to the client.

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