Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Capillary hemangioma excision

When I first saw this dog, the clinic (AI Animal Medical Center) smelled like a used shoe which was stored in a closet while still wet. Basically, by his smell, you will know he is nearby. Why? Because of the ears. Apparently the ear has a bleeding wound, dirty,wet and smelly. Biopsy was taken and was found to be a capillary hermangioma.
A hemangioma is a benign (non-cancerous) vascular tumor (versus hemangiosarcoma) which usually affects older dogs. Basically it presents as a solitary slow growing nodule which may be left alone unless it causes a problem. In this dog, it is ulcerated and is non healing with possibility of getting infected thus its only cure is its excision. In this case, an ear capillary hemangioma excision was done.
This is the retriever while prepared for the surgery. Preanesthetics are given through the intravenous catheter.
After induction of anesthesia, the area is clipped, cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. Notice that the ear is soiled due to mixture of exudates and dirt.
The tumor is incised and in this photo, the wound is being cautherized to prevent further bleeding.

This is the ear after excision. Notice the location of the already removed tumor.

After the removal, the wound is carefully stitched to close the skin but not obscuring the ear canal.

After surgery, there was no follow up visit. Most likely, the owner of the dog (who was a medical doctor) removed the stitches at home.

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