Sunday, July 5, 2009

Warfarin rodenticide

I am not against rodenticides. I fact, these, can help control rodent overpopulation which can serve as vectors for communicable diseases and destroy household and work stuff. However, I am against irresposible usage of these products. These products are poisons and should be strategically placed to bait target species and not our beloved pets, especially dogs and cats.

FYI: Warfarin is also used as a medication, however, it may cause toxicity in large amounts.
Warfarin and warfarin-based rodenticides are not the only rat poisons available commercially but also zinc phosphide and bromethalin.

There are different ways employed to treat and decontaminate a patient that ingested warfarin-based rodenticide, so if your pet ingests one, immediately seek veterinary service and don't forget to bring with you the package of the poison.

Again, be a responsible pet owner. Dog proof your household.