Sunday, January 25, 2009

this japanese domestic cat

about 2 days before i left japan, this cat was presented at the clinic. unable to stand, weak and dehydated. owners told us that the cat went missing for several days and when they found her (cat), she was in this condition. radiograph revealed comminuted fracture of the proximal third of the right femur, we suspected hit by car incident or trauma/blow. blood tests were also done and we found out that the cat was positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) aka Feline Aids (another story). This cat underwent surgery 2 days later which i wasn't able to see coz i was on my way back to manila.
If this happened here in the philippines there are several ways this cat will end up.
1. an individual who can afford the surgery and loves this cat will have a go for surgery and confinement.
2 an individual will bring this cat to the clinic but declines surgery, opts for other choices and may have the cat euthanized.
3. a person will bring this to the clinic and abandon it.
3. will end up on the streets to die.

Anyway, since this took place in japan, it was brought to the clinic and care was given.
I did some follow up through e-mail to Dr. Toshi (hi doc!) and he said that she got well, she was able to walk. Apparently an infection occured at the limb with the implant and they need to remove the implant (not the limb!) and it became better.

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