Friday, January 30, 2009


This is a ragdoll. A cat if you are not so familiar with the breed.

Anyway, she has an wound problem. Apparently there was an embolus affected one of her hindleg. As you may know, an embolus may be an air, a clot, a fat lobule, hair or any particle that travels within the blood vessel which may cause obstruction of the vessel. This condition is called embolism. If this happens, the affected area loses blood supply and if this happened that area will slowly die. If medical intervention is done then the area may be saved, if not, the body may still try to save itself but usually takes longer and the dying area may be predisposed to infection and gangrene (gangrene is the term to describe the death of a part of a body due to lack of blood supply as a result of several conditions like trauma, embolism, vascular disease or infection) thereby worsening the condition.

Here are some pictures of the case.
if you can handle this one then go on.

Do you want to faint? Ok if you can handle things then i'll go on.

These two pictures were taken after some of the areas affected died leaving an open wound. There are different types of managing an open wound (of which i will not go into more detail) and here, they treated the area as an open wound, applied bandages and cleaned the area on a regular basis such that they slowly tried to close the area when granulation tissue formed and there is enough skin to cover the wound.

This was taken during one of the many wound cleaning visits of this cat. Bandages were replaced every now and then and the wound is monitored for improvement and healing.

After some time the wound healed and treatment ended on September 9, 2008, with a little less a bone and tissues.
Now look at the healed leg of this ragdoll, unfortunately she is unable to use this leg but i think she's fine with three legs though.

This was a case in the AI Animal Medical Center and the present condition of this cat was relayed by Dr. Yunuki Toshi.

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