Monday, August 9, 2010

poor whippet!!!

Thursday Morning: May 27, 2010. A limping Whippet (forgot his name) was presented for check up. Apparently this dog was run over by a car (theirs) on monday and was presented to another practitioner for initial treatment. He was then taken home and was put on medications.

Radiography was recommended to further investigate the damage to the bones and the surrounding soft tissues. Fracture of the 2nd phalanx of the 2nd digit of the right limb was emminent, damage to the carpal bones were also seen (not clear on photograph), with too much tissue inflammation.
The bandage covering the damaged limb was removed to check the status of the limb (Apparently, the first and last time that the wound was cleaned was on Monday) Here's a few of those pictures:
There is severe damage to the soft tissues of the limb as well as the bones and they are not viable anymore. Putrefying stench also filled the room during the examination. The fractured phalanx is sticking out of the damaged tissues, carpal bones are visible as well as the tendons.
Amputation of the affected limb was recommended but they never returned. I wonder what happened...
In trauma cases like this, the wounds should always be kept clean. The trauma, aside from inflicting severe physical damage, may cause for the inoculation of contaminants and bacteria that can further cause damage and complicate the case. Some limbs may be saved from amputation if the affected area is still viable/living and may require intensive care and time to recover. Some may be recommended with amputation. Still others, even if the area is still viable but management of the wound is poor, may still result to amputation.
Accidents do happen, but sometimes, they can be prevented.

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