Monday, August 30, 2010

Muki part 1

Last year, Muki was presented at early in the morning due to limping of both hindlimbs. He was practically  dragging his hindlimbs similar to dogs with hindlimb paralysis due to vertebral dislocation.

The owners are uncertain how things came to be and palpation of the limbs and back  showed no signs of swelling, pain or possible dislocation. however, something caught my eye: there was a blood clot forming at the end of the prepuce. Retracting the prepuce revealed an excoriated glans penis with the bone os penis exposed. This might also explained his "lameness". Since his os penis is causing trauma to his prepuce and due to pain during walking, Muki is minimizing the use of his hindlimbs in order to decrease pain and further trauma.

Now in cases like this, there are several possible and questionable scenarios how the penis turned out to be like this: 1) self trauma or mutilation, 2) someone hit him 3) dog fight (?), 4) infection, 5) and any other possible accident. I haven't really found the real cause since there were no other wound or lesions to point to violence or accident.

There were several recommendations I gave: 1) Penile amputation: The Penis will be amputated more proximal to the body with the os penis as the distal reference. 2) scrotal ablation: muki will have no use for his testicles and scrotum so we might as well remove them and also to give was to 3) urethrostomy at the scrotal area where Muki's urine will go out.

Muki was then sent to the Main branch for Surgery and after 48 hrs, he was back with us.

Now, since I am unable to locate the pictures post surgery, I will make a new entry for that later. Muki had a quality life after the surgery until He came down with Leptospirosis and Kidney failure earlier this month.



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