Wednesday, April 1, 2009


What’s with these needles? Do dogs love them because they are shiny? (I thought only mermaids love to collect shiny objects?) Well, Mugu is another exciting needle storage machine… needles with threads actually.

Mugu was presented way back, during the 1st month of my graveyard duty. The owner noticed a string coming out if her anus. She may have ingested those strings the day earlier when the owner’s sister was repairing her uniform. We took a radiograph and tadaaan!!!

Two needles were visible on the radiograph at the colorectal area. We waited for the foreign materials to pass out from the anus with a little assistance. Mugu was lucky enough to pass out the neddles without further damage aside from one needle piercing the anal sphincter. After that Mugu came home a very happy dog.

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