Saturday, April 11, 2009

Max’s new owner rescued him from the streets. He was apparently in(?) a plastic bag by the street of an actually rich village when he was found.

Max was presented due to limping and at presentation, the left forelimb was swollen, painful to touch and has a wound with pus oozing. Radiograph revealed no fractures and/or dislocations but is suspicious for periosteitis.

Max during one of our would cleaning nights

Medications, wound management and removal of pus was the main goal. Increasing the appetite is also included. 4 days later, Max was ready to go home.

he's having his ears cleaned - earmites...

wound has actually improved from a swollen one with oozing pus to this one with granulation tissue forming.

The funny thing was Max was only given his name on the day of his discharge, about 4 days after presentation. During his stay at the clinic he doesn’t have a name and is identified only as Siamese kitten.

A few days later, Max’s owner called up that Max is actually a lot better. He’s walking, though still limping, and is more playful than ever. Aside from that he is also more demanding now… hehehe. Siamese.

As of posting of this blog, max has not visited the clinic yet but I got spoke with the owner just the other night. Apparently, Max is very very active now, the wound healed though with slight limping and he has a very good appetite. He'll be visiting this coming week.

I asked the owner if she's still willing to give up max for adoption, she said "not anymore", she loves max and intends to keep him.

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