Friday, March 5, 2010


Uterus and ovaries of a cat that underwent ovariohysterectomy.
Note that this is not a normal uterus of a pregnant and a non pregnant cat.

I apparently forgot her name since this case was dated October 2008. However, this kitty came in for elective ovariohysterectomy or spaying. Her owner doesn't want her to get pregnant anymore since she is already old. Her one and only pregnancy was about 5 years ago and the owner was actually almost complaining of the monthly visitors = the tomcats looking for a mate and the kitty calling out for one.

Since her blood results were all normal, we then scheduled the next day for surgery.

During the surgery, i thought i was looking at a pregnant uterus, however, upon exteriorization, it does not appear to be normal at all. We then proceeded with the ligation and the cutting of the uterine horns with the ovaries and the uterine body.

Out of curiosity, I decided to open up the uterus to check what is inside. FLUIDS.

Ovariohysterectomy is usually done as an Animal Birth Control (ABC) measure. Aside from this, other reasons for ovariohysterectomy are prevention of mammary tumors, and ovarian and uterine neoplasia, treatment of choice for pyometra and metritis, and may be recommended for other conditions such as uterine cysts, torsion, uterine prolapse, endocrine abnormalities and dermatoses.

The cat went home after recovery and is in good condition.

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