Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sacrcoptes scabiei var. canis

PANIC AND SCRATCH ALL YOU WANT YOU INFECTED HUMANS! most likely, you got it from cuddling your previously fluffy now alopecic (balding), pruritic and crusty pets.

Generally known as scabies or mite infestation or by its scientific name, this organism is NOT a normal resident of the skin, both pets and humans but a PARASITE, which causes severe itching that you'll be scratching until you bleed. These mites burrow under the skin and reside on the stratum corneum - a layer of the skin. The irritation is due to body's reaction against these invaders and just imagine a mite eating you up!

Basically, this is detected by you veterinary staff during skin check ups. If your pet has it, you are also at risk of contracting it. Your veterinarian treats your pet while you should go to a dermatologist...

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